Blinds4Less Direct FAQ

1. How long will my blinds take before they are delivered?

Blinds4less always aims to deliver orders in approximately 7 to 9 working days.

2. I have received blinds the wrong size!

Please carefully measure the blinds we have sent you. Go back and check your confirmation e-mail. Remember we do make small reductions in the size of blinds ordered as recess size. Having checked the actual size and if they are incorrect please email blinds4less@blueyonder.co.uk we will then do everything necessary to resolve the issue

3. I have ordered the wrong size blinds!

All of our Blinds are made to measure and we are therefore unable to make refunds due to incorrect sizes given by customers. Therefore, please take great care when measuring to ensure that the Blind will fit the required window. Please see our measuring and fitting section on the home page of our website.

4. The Louvres on my Vertical are not lining up!

This is easily rectified; when the Vertical Blind is closed, pull the beaded chain until the slats are in the closed position, then gently force the chain past the point of closure so the carriers can realign. Don't worry if you hear a grinding noise from the head rail as this is perfectly normal.

5. I have just put up my Vertical Blind and the louvers won’t turn!

This is quite a common occurrence; most likely the louvers were originally hung onto the head rail whilst the hooks were in the closed position. You need to take the louvers off the head rail and then turn the chain round until the eyes of the hooks are facing into the room, turn them slightly (25 degrees) and hang them from one end to the other. This means that when you re-hang the louvers, you'll be able to see through them and out of your window. Your louvers should now rotate without any problems.

6. How do I measure for a bay window?

Please see our how to measure guide for full details on how to measure a bay window

7. How many samples can I order?

You can order as many samples as you think you will need as a good base for comparison. Our samples are always sent out by First Class Mail and should reach you within 3 to 4 days of ordering. In the event of your samples not arriving, please email us at blinds4less@blueyonder.co.uk and we will ensure that the samples required are sent out urgently.

9. What’s the difference between Recess and Exact sizes?

An exact size blind will be made exactly to the measurements you entered onto the site. So if you want the blind to go on the outside of your window this is the type of measurement you should give us. N.B an allowance is still made with verticals on the drop (1cm) even if ordered exact.
A recess size measurement is needed for a blind that you would like to fit within the recess of your window. We make reductions to the blind to ensure that it will fit perfectly within your window. If you window has tiles fitted within part of the recess, don’t forget to measure between the tiles as this will usually be the narrowest part of the window.

Please see our how to measure guide for further details

10. How much does it cost to have my Blinds delivered?
Location Approx. Delivery Time Delivery Charge
UK Mainland 9 Working Days £7.95
other uk 10 working £7.95
11. Do you deliver outside of the UK?

Currently Blinds4less Direct delivers only to mainland addresses in the UK. See above for exemptions

12. My blind has just arrived but looks different from my free sample

Due to the nature of using fabric dyes and stains alongside natural materials such as wood and linens means the absorption rate will differ from material to material. We cannot therefore guarantee that the finished blind(s) will be exactly the same shade as the free sample despatched to you

13. I ordered a Timber Blind last month and have just ordered another but they look slightly different, why is that?

As stated in 12. above, wood is a natural product the look and behaviour of each slat will reflect this. Slight imperfections in the timber will alter colour just as the width between the grain will affect the absorbency of the stain. Slight warping is also a natural characteristic of wood and does not constitute a defect in the blind.

14. Do the Blinds come with everything required?

Every blind supplied by us comes complete with brackets and all necessary fittings

15. Are the blinds easy to measure and fit?

Yes our Blinds are generally easy to measure and fit. For further information, please see our comprehensive how to measure and how to fit instructions on our Website.

16. What are your Venetian Blinds made of?

Our Venetian Blind veins are made of Aluminium which is factory sprayed to its finished colour. Our head and base rails are also metal and generally colour co-ordinated. We offer a huge range of plain, metallic and pearlised finishes and by using only the finest materials are able to offer an extensive warranty on every blind in our range.

17. Are Your Roman Blinds Lined?

Unlike many other Blind companies, all of our Roman Blinds come fully lined as standard, we are also able to offer a blackout lining on a large range of fabrics at a small extra charge.

18. What Type of head rail do you use for your Roman Blinds?

Blinds4lessDirect offers a deluxe head rail free of charge with every one of our Roman Blinds. The deluxe head rail is manufactured from extruded Aluminium finished in White. The Blind is then fitted with a sidewinder control. This means that when you lower or raise the blind with your sidewinder control, the Blindremains wherever you require without the need to tie the control cords around unsightly cleats. Only  Blinds4less Direct offers this revolutionary head rail completely free of charge giving a saving of £25 per blind

19. Do you have a brochure?

Due to the ever changing nature of our business, our Website acts as our brochure and contains all currently available products, together with sale offers and discounts.

20. What kind of Timber are your Wood Venetians made of?

We at Blinds4less Direct try to be as eco friendly as we can. We manufacture all of our Timber Blinds from the finest Basswood all of which is grown in sustainable forests. Unlike many of our competitors all the timber used in our timber blinds is Kiln dried, adding to the overall strength and longevity of the blinds as well as ensuring that our blinds rarely warp when exposed to strong sunlight

21. What tools are usually needed to fit blinds?

If the Blinds are being fitted direct to timber frames or other timber surfaces, a tape measure, pencil and Phillips screwdriver are the minimum tools required. If you are fitting to the underside of a plastered surface with a lintel above, you will require a power drill and appropriate drill bit. In modern properties the lintels above windows are often metal and we would recommend drilling into these using a 3mm high speed metal twist drill. This will then enable you to fix the blind using40mm x 8’s self tapping screws. In older properties of more than say 40 years old, the lintels above windows are often pre stressed concrete lintels and for these we would recommend a hammer or sds drill with a 5.5mm or 6mm tungsten tipped drill bit. This will then enable you to insert a red plastic plug into the hole you have drilled and fix the blind brackets using 40mm x 8’s self tapping or wood screws.

22. What type of blinds do you recommend for bathrooms?

Bathrooms tend to be steamy, so it's best to choose a blind that can cope with these conditions. Aluminium Venetians are an ideal choice as natural Wood Venetians may warp slightly. If you are after a natural look, try something from our Alu-Wood (Wood Effect) Aluminium Venetian range, these combine the look of wood and offer the practicality of Aluminium Venetian Blinds. If your Bathroom window is well away from the bath or sink and dampness is not a major issue, Roller Blinds can offer a soft and attractive addition to your Bathroom Décor. We offer a huge combination of fabrics, finishes and trims as well as an almost infinite variation of colours.

23. I would like blinds in my conservatory. What type of blinds do you recommend

Certainly the most popular types of blinds for conservatories are Vertical blinds and Pleated blinds. Vertical blinds are a great option as they are relatively inexpensive, offer great light control and can offer the customer privacy while still allowing light into the room. Pleated Blinds have been developed for use in Conservatories and sun rooms. Most of our Pleated Fabrics has a solar reflective coating on the reverse face of the fabric, thus enabling them to reflect a large percentage of the suns rays and thus keep the conservatory cooler than would be the case with other Blinds. Our pleated blinds also draw up into a small profile rendering the Blinds unobtrusive when not in use. We have an option of white or Brown head rails to suit most types of conservatory.

24. Why are pleated blinds so effective in conservatories?

Pleated Blinds have been developed for use in Conservatories and sun rooms. Most of our Pleated Fabrics has a solar reflective coating on the reverse face of the fabric, thus enabling them to reflect a large percentage of the suns rays and thus keep the conservatory cooler than would be the case with other Blinds. Our pleated blinds also draw up into a small profile rendering the Blinds unobtrusive when not in use. We have an option of white or Brown head rails to suit most types of conservatory.

25. How can I be sure that my Credit or Debit Card Details are secure?

We use Paypal as our payment processing provider. Paypal are market leaders in their field and use the very latest data encryption technology, thus ensuring that every single customer’s data is totally secure. To date there has not been a single occurrence of fraudulent data resulting from the use of our site and even our own staff do not have access to your card details, these being held solely by Paypal,

26. How can I be sure that you have received my order?

Once your order has been placed, you will receive an email confirmation usually within two hours of placing the order. If you do not receive an email confirmation of order from us, please log into the Website and check your account to ensure that the order has been placed. If on checking the site you find that the order has been placed but you have not received email confirmation, please email blinds4less@blueyonder.co.uk

Often the email receipt can be found in your junk mail, please check this and if this is so press not junk or not spam so that all future correspondents goes to your inbox.

27. Can I nominate a delivery address other than my home address?

Yes there is a section on the order form for nominating any delivery address including a friend or neighbour or even a work address. For further details see the Delivery section on our Home Page