Fitting instructions for Awnings


Fitting Instructions

Fitting Standard Awning

Fitting Half Cassette Awning 1.5m - 4.5m

Fitting Full Cassette Awning 1.5m to 4.5m

Additional Info for Electric Awnings

No need for an electrician. The easiest solution is simply to attach to an outside plug, or wire through to inside your house, attach a plug and plug in to a pre-existing socket.

Electric Awning Half cassette

Electric Awning fitting Full Cassette


Installation of Electric Awnings

How does the wiring work? Do I need installation by a qualified electrician?

No, you don't need a professional electrician. The simplest solution is to wire on an ordinary 13 amp plug, and then plug in to an existing socket. You can also wire directly into the mains, and in most cases this can also be done without a professional electrician.

Control options: wall switch, remote control and/or automated wind sensor

Primrose electrical awnings give you maximum flexibility and choice, while at the same time being easy and cheap to install. When you purchase your awning you can have an indoor wall switch only or a indoor wall switch with remote controls. You can also buy an optional wind, sun and rain sensor to go with the remote control kit. The following summarises how the wiring works for each option.

Electrical Awnings Overview

The awnings have 2.4 metres of 4 core cable coming out of them. The reason the cable coming from the awning is 4 core cable is because this allows for two separate electrical circuits – one circuit for opening the awning and one for retracting it. This 4 core cable wires directly into the wall switch. A standard 3 core mains cable (3 metres supplied) comes out of the wall switch to your mains. You can simply attach a standard 13 amp plug to this mains cable, or it can be wired directly into your mains.

Full electrical fitting instructions are included with the Awning